What is the Profibus protocol?

Profibus (Process Field Bus) is a serial communication standard for devices connected to automation networks (field bus). It is an open protocol defined by the DIN 19245 that became European standard as EN 50170 volume 2.
Profibus is promoted by Siemens and widespread all over Europe. Thanks to the definition of three different communication profiles DP, FMS and PA, this field bus meets many of the requirements in the automation system, starting from applications that need to change cyclically a small number of bits at a very high speed (Profibus DP), or managing quite complex communications between “intelligent” devices (Profibus FMS), up to tasks strictly related to the automation process (Profibus PA).


Eltra’s encoders employ the DP version (Decentralized Periphery), which is the standard solution to manage devices by a bus, that is: I/O modules, sensors/transducers or actuators on a low level in automation systems.

For further information, please check the complete PDF on-line.

Profibus Encoder Eltra