EC 34

EC 34

EC 34 encoder for rack with automatic slack recovery. If compared to an incremental linear system, this type of encoder extremely simplifies linear measurements and overcomes measurement problems on long distance. Our models are sealed in a solid aluminium body and integrate a pre-loading system that allows automatic slack recovery between rack and pinion.  EC34

Shaft diameter (max) 10 mm
Resolution (max) 2.500 ppr
Output frequency (max) 220 kHz
Operating temperature (°C) -20° ... +70°
Enclosure rating 64
ER Linear system

ER Linear system

ER A / B / C / D / E / F

ER A/B/C/D/E/F incremental linear system. Available with or without zero mark on left, right or central position, several electronic output configurations available, up to 24 V DC power supply. ERA ER ERB ERC

Stroke length 100 ... 500 mm
Resolution (max) 0,04 mm
Displacement speed (max) 1 m/s
Operating temperature (°C) -10° ... +60°
Enclosure rating 64



EPLA is an absolute linear potentiometer assuring great reliability even in tough applications with heavy vibrations and shocks. EPLA represents a great solution in most machinery for material processing such as injection presses for plastic, rubber and so on. 

Stroke length 50 ... 900 mm
Linearity 0,05%
Displacement speed (max) 5 m/s
Operating temperature (°C) -30° ... +100°
Enclosure rating IP 60 (IP 65 su richiesta)



EMSPA absolute linear magnetostrictive transducer with analog interface.Thanks to the absence of electric contact on the enclosure there is no issue of wear and deterioration during working life. Magnetostrictive technology guarantees great performances of speed and precision. High reliability and simple installation even for applications with mechanical stresses, shocks or high contamination are assured by the compact size and the rugged enclosure.

Stroke length 50 ... 1500 mm
Linearity 0,04% f.s.
Displacement speed (max) 10 m/s
Operating temperature (°C) -30° ... +70°
Enclosure rating IP 67
Sampling time 1,5 ms


FE 1500 / FE 4000

Rope encoder FE 1500 / FE 4000 series available for lengths up to 4 m. The applied encoder could be incremental or absolute (both available with SSI or PROFIBUS® interface). Perfectly suitable also for harsh environments, thanks to its high mechanical strength. It can be used in a wide range of applications such as: vertical storehouses, presses, extruders, etc.  FE1500 - FE4000

For model FEAM 53B with SSI as electrical interface please see EOL.


Stroke length 1.500 - 4.000 mm
Resolution (max) 0,1 mm
Displacement speed (max) 0,85 m/s
Operating temperature (°C) 0° ... +60°
Enclosure rating 54