OHV (Off Highway Vehicles)

Position control sensors for automated guided vehicles

Thanks to the technological progress in the field of automation, it’s possible nowadays to control and operate by remote or automatically the direction and the movement of the machines.
This kind of innovation is applied both in traditional sectors like agriculture and the lifting and handling of soil and materials (i.e. diggers, bulldozers and excavators etc.) as well as in well-advanced industries like AGV (automated guided vehicles) which, due to the purpose 

of their use, require an elevated level of accuracy and preciseness in the measurement of their movements.
To ensure an optimal reliability of this machinery, which operate both indoor and outdoor and, by consequence, at different temperature and conditions, Eltra has developed several lines of encoders that guarantee accurate and rapid change of position.

Suggested product

EL - ER 58

EL 58 series not for new design, please consider EMI 58 series for new design. EOL notification . Solid shaft rotary incremental EL 58 - ER 58 (ø 58 m... EL - ER 58 B / C / H / T

EL - ER 63

EL 63 series not for new design, please consider EMI 63 series for new design. EOL notification . EL 63 - ER 63 (ø 63 mm) incremental encoder series f... EL - ER 63 A / D / E

EMA 50

Magnetic singleturn absolute EMA 50 (ø 50 mm) encoder series. Blind hollow shaft  up to 15 mm with several flanges (also anodized). Power supply up to... EMA 50 F / G - Blind hollow shaft

EML 50

Absolute singleturn EML 50 (ø 50 mm) encoder series for solid shaft. This line features all the advantages of the magnetic technology and has a very f... EML 50 A / B - Solid shaft


ETMR is a no-contact magnetic encoder series with through hollow shaft up to 35 mm. Its compact size (only 11 mm of axial thickness), high IP grade an... ETMR