Optimal solutions for the packaging and wrapping industry

Industrial machines employed in the packaging sector find an extensive application and present different requirements depending on the type of content and of the packing material. From food industry to beverages bottling, from labeling to wrapping machines, the production and hygienic-sanitary requirements vary enormously and, therefore, also the electro-mechanical components have to meet different standards.
Eltra provides several solutions in terms of position control sensors according to the type 

of machinery and materials employed for the packaging, with common features of speedprecision and easy mounting.
Moreover, to ensure an optimal protection and durability of the encoder in those plants where corrosive and chemical products are used in the cleaning or in the handling of food, Eltra has designed stainless steel models that guarantee a long-life with low maintenance of the device.

Suggested product

EL - ER 30

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EH 17 - EH 30

Miniaturized EH 17 - EH 30 M encoder series, supplied as a kit, for integration in small sized AC/DC motors, stepper motors or for applications where ... EH 17 - EH 30 M kit encoder

EMI 22

Not for new design, EOL notification. EMI 22 (ø 22 mm) miniaturized magnetic incremental encoder series, resistant to a wide range of temperature and ... EMI 22 A

EMA 22

Not for new design, EOL notification. EMA 22 (ø 22 mm) is a miniaturized absolute encoder featuring magnetic technology, for which it can be employed ... EMA 22 A - SSI