Special industry and custom products

Custom-tailored solutions for industries with specific requirements

Speed and position control devices are employed in unlimited areas; many represent an industry field on their own for the specific technical specifications required and consequently, also the electro-mechanical components applied in these areas must be designed accordingly to their function and use.
Beside the broad portfolio of standard product Eltra offers to the Customer the expertise

and know-how of its Research & Development Team to elaborate custom tailored solutions fit for all those applications (amusement rides, fitness, sport and entertainment equipment to name a few) which cannot be included in other categories for their peculiar requirements.

Suggested product

EAM 36

Magnetic multiturn absolute EAM 36 (ø 36 mm) encoder series. The multiturn counting is developed with an innovative self-powered Energy Harvesting Tec... EAM 36 F / G - Blind hollow shaft

EH 50

EH 50 (ø 50 mm) encoder series, with highly integrated optical ASIC, suitable for small size motors due to its reduced dimensions. This line features ... EH 50 FA / FP

ER Linear system

ER A/B/C/D/E/F incremental linear system. Available with or without zero mark on left, right or central position, several electronic output configurat... ER A / B / C / D / E / F

EL - ER 115

Incremental EL 115 - ER 115 encoder series (ø 115 mm) designed for critical environments with high mechanical resistance requirements. The EL - ER 115... EL - ER 115 A

EL - ER 63

EL 63 series not for new design, please consider EMI 63 series for new design. EOL notification . EL 63 - ER 63 (ø 63,5 mm) blind hollow shaft encoder... EL - ER 63 F / G

EMA 50

Magnetic singleturn absolute EMA 50 (ø 50 mm) encoder series. Blind hollow shaft  up to 15 mm with several flanges (also anodized). Power supply up to... EMA 50 F / G - Blind hollow shaft

EMI 63

Not for new design, please consider updated model of EMI 63 A / D  for new design. EOL notification. Thanks to the magnetic technology, the EMI 63 (ø ... EMI 63 A / D

EH 17 - EH 30

Miniaturized EH 17 - EH 30 M encoder series, supplied as a kit, for integration in small sized AC/DC motors, stepper motors or for applications where ... EH 17 - EH 30 M kit encoder

EA 36

Not for new design, please consider  EMA36 B series for new design. EOL notification. Singleturn absolute EA 36 (ø 36 mm) encoder series, developed wi... EA 36 A - solid shaft

EL - ER 40

Solid shaft rotary incremental EL 40 - ER 40 (ø 42 mm) encoder series for general application. Excellent resolution and high operative speed miniaturi... EL - ER 40 A / B / C / H / I / N / X