Heavy duty industry

Encoders for iron and steel, marble, glass and ceramics processing industry

Construction sites, factories, quarries or foundries where “heavy” materials like metals and stones (iron, steel, marble, granite, glass and ceramics etc.) are processed, are harsh environments where big amounts of dust and micro-particles are released in the air, chemical products and liquids are employed and where machines operate quite often at extreme temperature.
For these reasons the machinery used in this type of industries must be very solid, resistant 

to a wide spectrum of temperature as well as being very reliable, accurate and easy to operate to guarantee the safety of the workers and the production efficiency of the processing plants.
Eltra offers numerous solutions of high speed and resolution optical and magnetic encoders, developed to endure in the most difficult circumstances and to ensure the maximum performance and precision of production systems.

Suggested product


EPLB is an absolute linear potentiometer transducer. Mechanical mounting is made simpler by the presence of two spherical joints on the two sides and ... EPLB


Magnetic incremental ETMA linear sensors. Zero pulse each 5 mm (ETMA 1) and each 2 mm (ETMA 2), with IP 67 protection sealing. Please see item EBMA fo... ETMA 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 /6

EH 50

EH 50 (ø 50 mm) encoder series, with highly integrated optical ASIC, suitable for small size motors due to its reduced dimensions. This line features ... EH 50 FA / FP

EL - ER 90

Incremental EL 90 - ER 90 encoder series (ø 90 mm) designed for critical environments with high mechanical resistance requirements. The EL - ER 90 mod... EL - ER 90 A

EL - ER 115

Incremental EL 115 - ER 115 encoder series (ø 115 mm) designed for critical environments with high mechanical resistance requirements. The EL - ER 115... EL - ER 115 A

EH - EL 88

EH 88 - EL 88 (ø 88 mm) through hollow shaft encoder series, designed for middle size asynchronous motors. Sturdy mechanic, easy mounting; several out... EH - EL 88 P

EC 34

EC 34 encoder for rack with automatic slack recovery. If compared to an incremental linear system, this type of encoder extremely simplifies linear me... EC 34


EMSPS  is an absolute linear magnetostrictive transducer featuring a digital RS422-SSI compliant output. The main characteristic of magnetostrictive t... EMSPS

EMA 50

Magnetic singleturn absolute EMA 50 (ø 50 mm) encoder series for solid shaft mounting systems. Several mechanical flanges (also anodized), SSI and par... EMA 50 A / B - Solid shaft

EML 50

Absolute singleturn EML 50 (ø 50 mm) encoder series for blind hollow shaft. This line features all the advantages of the magnetic technology and has a... EML 50 F / G - Blind hollow shaft

EMI 63

Not for new design, please consider updated model of EMI 63 A / D  for new design. EOL notification. Thanks to the magnetic technology, the EMI 63 (ø ... EMI 63 A / D

EL 63

EL 63 (ø 63,5 mm) hollow shaft encoder series for industrial applications with high mechanical resistance requirements. Several output types available... EL 63 FB / GB / PB / PBF / PC / PCF

EMI 38

Thanks to the magnetic technology, the EMI 38 (ø 39,5 mm) series is suitable for harsh environment applications such as marble and glass working machi... EMI 38 F / G

EAM 36

Magnetic multiturn absolute EAM 36 (ø 36 mm) encoder series. The multiturn counting is developed with an innovative self-powered Energy Harvesting Tec... EAM 36 F / G - Blind hollow shaft

ER 38

Miniaturized ER 38 encoders series (ø 39,5 mm) with high resolution, suitable for general factory automation applications, small AC motors and gearmot... ER 38 F / G

EA 58-63 Profibus

Not for new design, EOL notification. The solid shaft singleturn EA 58 - EA 63 encoder series complies with the PROFIBUS® DP standard (as described on... EA 58 B / C - 63 A / D / E Profibus - Solid shaft