Linear transducers

Linear incremental encoders, potentiometer and magnetostrictive transducers

Linear transducers track rectilinear displacement measurements. Potentiometers are formed by a wire or a metallic layer, wrapped in an insulating support, and by a movable contact that shifts along the conductor. The operating principle is based on calculating the variation of the resistance produced by the displacement of the object in question inside the electric circuit.
Eltra offers versions with shaft or cursors, with different mounting methods (brackets, 

flanges, or self-aligning ball joints) and different levels of IP protection, to satisfy the largest number of application fields possible.
Eltra's catalog includes also magnetostrictive transducers, with contact-less magnetic sensing technology integrated, which represent the evolution of linear potentiometers since they improve the performance of the sensor and have a big variety of electronic outputs (analog, digital, field-bus) available.

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