Rotary absolute encoders

Single- and multi-turn absolute encoder series

Rotary absolute encoders provide a unique digital code for each distinct angle of the shaft, storing the value of the actual position and, therefore, preventing the loss of information in case of restart of the system or power-loss. 
Thanks to the advantages featured by this type of sensors, Eltra's offer for absolute encoders in in constant growth, always in line with the latest innovations in technology.
Both singleturn and multiturn series are available among Eltra's absolute enconders' catalog, in order to extend the scope of application of transducers and to increase, at the same time, their flexibility and versatility, according to the Client's requirements. 

The operating principle of single and multiturn encoders could be either optical, which guarantees a high resolution and is therefore recommended for applications that require more precision and accuracy, or magnetic, suitable for industries where elevated speed, IP protection sealing and excellent wear and temperature resistance are needed. The reliability and great performance that distinguish Eltra's encoders remain a priority in the development of absolute encoders, with a variety of electronic and mechanic options available.

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