EMIP 58 B / C

The EMIP 58 series (ø 58 mm) is used in particularly demanding applications such as, for example, machines for processing marble and glass, in the marine sector and in applications where high operating temperatures are required. Moreover, thanks to the widespread fixing system, it is widely used in industrial automation. The state-of-the-art proprietary magnetic sensor offers extensive options (resolution, electrical output, index width) that can be programmed by the end user.

The product can be programmed with the USB Programming Tool UPT-001EMIP58

External diameter (max) 58 mm
Shaft diameter (max) 10 mm
Resolution (max) 20.000 ppr
Output frequency (max) 800 kHz
Operating temperature (°C) -25 ... +100
Enclosure rating IP 66
Linearity ± 0,1°

Download the installation manual