Renewable Energy

Special products for solar trackers and wind turbines

Eltra is a strong supporter of the green economy and therefore, of any technology intended to produce clean energy and to improve the environment’s health. To contribute to the development of this field, Eltra has elaborated specific solutions able to endure in the most extreme weather conditions, to which are constantly exposed the renewable energy plants, and that comply at the same time the requirements of sturdiness and precision, essential in this type of application.

To maximize the amount of energy generated by these systems, Eltra has designed special encoder series which allow an accurate rotation of the solar trackers, in line with the solar movements and the Tilt and Azimuth angles, and a proper control under any condition of the blade’s orientation (Pitch Control) and of the gondola drive system (Yaw Control) of the wind turbines.


Suggested product

EAM 36

Magnetic multiturn absolute EAM 36 (ø 36 mm) encoder series. The multiturn counting is developed with an innovative self-powered Energy Harvesting Tec... EAM 36 F / G - Blind hollow shaft