Ruote metriche - 200 mm

RH 200 A / B / C

The RH 200 metric wheels are designed for specific industrial applications where is required to measure a linear movement (i.e. continuous sheet cutting machines of wood, textiles, glass, etc.). Precise reading and high-stress resistance are the main features of these encoders. The body is entirely designed of aluminium and mounted using an oscillating arm pivoted on the shaft. It comes with an integrated self-lubricating compact box to assure a long operation period without any maintenance. The weight of the metric wheel keeps a stable contact with the material, allowing an accurate measurement of both length and speed. The wheel surface can be in crossed-knurl aluminium, special anti-oil or anti-sliding rubber.  RH200

Shaft diameter (max) 8 mm
Resolution (max) 1.024 ppr
Output frequency (max) 105 kHz
Operating temperature (°C) -20° ... +70°
Enclosure rating IP 54
Stroke length 200 mm